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Dare To Fail

Carpe Diem! Seize The Day What a great rallying cry on a Monday morning. What a great way to start your day or the beginning of your project. Yes! Today will be a success! The enemy of “seize the day” […]

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Taking notes in the shower

There are many ways that I take notes and put them into my trusted system. This could be a note in Omnifocus or a text file in a job folder for instance. Note apps that I use on my iPhone […]

A missed opportunity or a blessing in disguise

Many years ago I was visiting New Orleans when I happened upon the Kaldi Coffee House just off Decatur Street and the French Market. As I stood in the doorway I had an epiphany. I wanted to own a coffee […]

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Inbound marketing is a sustainable business practice

Before I started MarketCloud, I was a partner in the sustainability consulting group, Resolutions, LLC. I had left my long-time marketing firm, Atticus Communications, and took a leap of faith in this new venture. Businesses everywhere were looking for new […]

Jazz up your website and make it work for you

I have been reading “A Website That Works” on the suggestion of David Baker. David is owner of Recourses and someone I consulted with when I was starting my agency, Atticus Communications back in the ’90’s. Mark O’brien wrote the […]

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Using life hacks and triggers to be your own personal MacGyver

If you grew up in front of the TV from 1985 to 1992 then you probably watched MacGyver. The show follows secret agent MacGyver who was played by Richard Dean Anderson. He was always using everyday materials to solve complex […]

Is your path to growth Easy Hard or Hard Easy?

I have become a fan of Mark Miller’s blog Great Leaders Serve. Mark teamed up with Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager to write Great Leaders Grow: Become a Leader for Life. A great book that I recommend to everyone. You will know […]

In praise of the Williams-Sonoma dish towel

When my wife and I married over 13 years ago we made sure to have a gift registry at Williams-Sonoma. Among the gifts we received were,what seemed to me at the time, some of the most expensive dish towels known […]

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Make a good online impression by asking “Are You A Good Neighbor?”

In one of Chris Brogan’s latestest email newsletter he asks “Are You A Good Neighbor?” It is all about the sharing of other people’s content. Too often people will take content and repost it as their own. More than likely […]

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As a leader, take time to nuture your followers.

As business people and entrepraneurs, it’s in our DNA to be the leader, to be out front and see if we can bring people along with us. We want to start a movement or sometimes just a business. To really […]

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